Local farming requires local knowledge. That's the whole point. We're constantly testing, trialing, often failing, but frequently succeeding! at developing systems to farm small scale, locally adapted, biome resilient plant and animal lines to link into our growing local food economy. This website is part journal, part photo album, part public record of our journey. We hope you enjoy learning alongside us! Have fun :)

What do we do on Elon Hill Farm?

Currently, a bunch of stuff....


Our own crazy hybrid of bantams x old gaming breeds. Seriously, we're not sure what they are now! They are tasty to eat (YUM!) and productive layers. And they are tough! Seriously tough. We have them partially in a permanent laying run/ shed, and partially free ranging in our pastures.


Our goats are heritage breeds from the outlying islands in our region. They have a history going back 140 years, and their story is fascinating! Have a read here on our goats page. 

Crops/ Market gardening

We have some established food forest/ orchard space integrated with the chickens. We've harvested a few solid tomato crops, plus herbs, pumpkins, corn, and many other trial plots. Plus several million pigeon pea plants, pumping nitrogen underground like crazy.

Teaching and Social capital

While we learn, we teach! Down at Third Ground Coffee House in Sarina, we are often found loitering. Particularly on the fortnightly food swap and trade day (1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, y'all). Plus we're often partnering with our local friends such as Sammy's Bootcamp, The Family Table, Sarina Permaculture, TG Backyard Garden, Have a Dig Nursery, for a whole lot of food, farming, and community related shenanigans! We've had a visit from Grandma's Place kindy to show the mini-farmers a thing or two. 

elon hill blog

Since I was a little girl I felt compelled to write words. As a 4 year old I remember laying in my bed on the bottom bunk “writing” something on a piece of paper, it was me drawing a squiggly line from left to right across the page, but I remember thinking how important it would feel to write fast and expressively like this one day. All my life I have had this desire to write and record my feelings, what was happening to me and how I saw the world. Perhaps this was part of the reason why since the age of 8, I kept a diary every year. Why, as a 10 year-old, I wrote to National Geographic magazine asking them how I could become a journalist with them and as a 20 year old majored in Journalism at university.

I have many reservations about going on this journey in a public sphere however I am a story teller and to not tell this story feels like a violation of my eternal purpose. I'll be here each week with excerpts from my current diary and relevant information about what is going on around here and I'd also like to share excerpts from my old diary’s starting from age 8. In this way I hope to piece together a picture of our greater journey here with us and in the region and hopefully demonstrate the depth of purpose and meaning that each of our life’s have.