What's on?


Third Ground Local Growers Trade Days :

Roughly every 2nd Saturday at Third Ground Coffee House, 28 Central St Sarina. 8.30 am start. Full details at the Third Ground Facebook Page or the Sarina Homegrown Food & Homemade Trade Group Facebook Page. Come and Swap your home-grown or home made produce or goodies. There are lots of cool markets around, but this one is for local growers and producers to bring and swap their stuff, and not really for re-selling stuff you've acquired elsewhere.

THird Ground Homesteading school:

So this is what we call it when we run "learning" events at Third Ground. Sometimes they're structured, such as workshops run by experts in their field, sometimes it's much more informal, such as a group food processing day, or a documentary screening night. You'll find the details on these events on the Third Ground Facebook Page too.

Music Jam Nights

An informal music session, specifically for people wanting to share their journey of learning to play music together. It's way more fun with other people! Bring your musical instrument and come have fun with us! Twice a month, on a friday night. Check the Third Ground Facebook page, or the calendar in the Coffee House wall, for the next dates! 

Working days at the TG Backyard Garden

This is where we rock up and get stuff done in the backyard community garden at the Third Ground Project. Every friday there'll be someone doing something! Special jobs will be mentioned on the Third Ground Facebook page, of course. And hey, if we need to source materials for projects, we'll put out a shout on the facebook page too!