One of the hardest parts about selling something is…you don’t know if you are ripping people off. I know that sounds bad and I can hear your collective intake of breath, especially those who may have bought our goats. My own struggle with these fears stems from many different places but I know that it is common to anyone starting out for the first time selling a product to others. How do you justify asking someone to take a risk with your product (animals can be notoriously tricky with health and behaviour issues) and then buy your product from you? Some of us overcome this issue in a few ways. We can set a lower price on what we are selling, justifying to ourselves that a low price equals lower expectations in the buyer and an easier “hurdle” for them to jump over. We can look out around us at prices set by others, which isn’t the worst option, but in the process essentially taking the responsibility out of our own hands. In our minds we think we didn’t set the price so "it’s not us it’s them” and we haven’t really spent the time thinking about what our product actually cost us to produce. 

Setting a price isn’t the only issue we have to work on as sellers but that final decision is the sum of all your attitudes and processes towards the product you sell. 

I have had to really think carefully about all my emotions and decisions surrounding the selling of our goats. I had to ask myself these questions: 
-How many hours did it take me to “produce” this product. This is your hourly wage that you would pay someone else if you where not doing the work yourself
-How much did it cost me to “produce” this product. Feed, medication etc  

And then the questions that I think are most important: 

-What is my product story? 
-Why do I sell it, what is my vision for it?
-Why is it different and special? 

Actually it the answers to these last questions that will back you up when you need faith to believe in what you are selling. It is in the knowing of the essence or spirit of your product which will settle your attitude towards it. You see if you believe in what you are doing others will too. You are not a dodgy car salesman flogging a lemon off to some loser (how I sometimes irrationally feel), you are an artisan selling a bespoke, prized creation to someone you believe will be worthy to take it home and enjoy it in their own life.