Dear Cynthia,

….I am actually in Brisbane at the moment with Phil for a conference that he is attending. I went to a Farmers market this morning and ate Goat Pies, gluten free doughnuts and a yummy vegan fruit smoothy salad. It was really inspiring as we are really only getting started up where we are in Mackay. 

Because we are so isolated and hot up there we just don't get the same produce and ability to grow things like they do down here. But we are really trying hard to get things going. 

I don't know if I told you I was a part of the committee the Greater Whitsunday Farmers Network. It has been a challenge that is for sure, dealing with the bureaucracy and hoop jumping. After many negative experiences with clumping, top- heavy, government and public organisations Phil and I are really searching for new ways to work in community that prevent human burn-out and ego battles. People can be very gross in their selfish ambition but I believe, I JUST HAVE TO BELIVE that there is a better way for us all to live. A way that brings joy, peace, purpose and hope to communities living together. Our ancestors knew how to do it and I refuse to be pulled along with the subtle tide of commercialization, consumerism, quality poverty and human abuse (physical, mental, spiritual). 

We have been on this journey in a real hands on way since we bought that property in Sarina (it being a true interface between God's purpose in us, our close friends and the greater community). I have the depths of the hold there is on people to separate them from all things which make healthy people, good food, connection to other people who grow your food, connection to each other. 

We talk about poverty in 3rd world countries, and I know it is true, but I am just starting to get a frightening glimpse into the true, deep, impoverished state of people on my little town, in this modern western culture. It really distresses me the subtle destruction going on all around me. Children committing suicide one after the other, divorces in every second person, hard-destroying drugs creeping into every day use. I know that we are not isolated here in Australia, I saw it in Canada when we were there. I think some where along the line we have swallowed a lie. A lie that says we are free but truly we are slaves. Born and bred. 

We have started a community here, a tribe as I like to call it, who are on a journey to battle against this monster who is trying to consume the humanity around us. We are putting in a community garden, we are starting a youth program to help kids discover or remember who they are and what they are here for. We are fighting each other to push for truth and love and presence in the here and now. Sometimes it feels like there is a mammoth shadow pressing back down on us however truth, which doesn't belong to any human and any human made system or power, creates for those who stand in it , a force-field that this invisible monster cannot crush. It shocks me how powerful truth is. 

Lots of love to you and Gillies and the children,