Never underestimate the power of village squares. They are the place where you go to trade or sell what you produce on your own land. If there was any place for the "Edge Affect" to occur this would be it. This trade happens once every two weeks, it is fast, with little fuss in the set up, you can drink awesome coffee, it is sheltered. All these things make this one of the most pleasant experiences I have in my fortnight. I was telling Kelly the other day that I don’t look forward to the events that we put on because the pressure of making sure that it went smoothly and was a success overrode any fulfilment or joy that I could get from it. This event is different because it only works on individual concencus and input. I LOVE that. All the expectations are gone, I guess for all of us. Because if a person shows up, great we can have a look at your stuff, but if they don’t fine, who cares, there are enough other people to make it work. How to keep it real: keep it a little dirty, a little illegal, a little unorganised, a little unofficial, very comfy, food and great coffee close buy, comfy seating with a way to get out of the heat and no pressure to attend if you don’t want to.